Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kill the Bird

Thoughts on poetry from Charles Bukowski:

"There's too much bad poetry being written today. People just don't know how to write down a simple easy line. It's difficult for them, it's like trying to keep a hard-on while drowning--not many can do it. Bad poetry is caused by people who sit down and think, Now I am going to write a Poem. And it comes out the way they think a poem should be. Take a cat. He doesn't think, well, now I'm a cat and I'm going to kill this bird. He just does it."


Lars said...

Let me get this straight...Bukowski believed that a cat simply knows (without "knowing") how to keep a hard-on while drowning.

Either that or a poet hoping to be responsible for something other than bad poetry needs to be able to keep a hard-on while drowning.

Which does he have experience drowning -- cats or poets?

David said...

From what I know of Bukowski, he was most expert at drowning himself. Maybe that accounts for the confusion.

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