Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Into Week Two

Having the whole morning to write still feels odd. Or maybe it's the opposite -- not getting my coffee, sitting down at my desk, and starting to check work email at 8:30 feels odd. I haven't quite developed a new rhythm, but I'm getting there.

Last week I typed up several older poems in various draft stages, but I didn't do quite as much new writing as I had hoped. So this week I'm focusing on productivity. I'd like to get at least three entirely new poems on paper. Yesterday I wrote the first, so two to go. This week I also want to send out my first batch of poems to the crack team of readers I've assembled (read: coerced / guilt-tripped) to give me feedback in lieu of an actual workshop. I'll tell you more about the team in a future post; for now suffice it to say they are all smart, perceptive and charitable people from a variety of backgrounds.

Another possible (but I think unlikely) goal for this week: sending off a submission. Which magazine might be the lucky recipient? Shenandoah, the Southern Review, Beloit Poetry Journal, Dogwood, and The Bitter Oleander are all potential targets. If it doesn't happen this week, I'll aim for next week instead.

Finally, note that I've updated and re-organized my reading list as well as the 'what I'm reading now' box on the right side of the blog. I'll do my best to keep these current for those following along.

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