Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Some odd synchronicity in this morning's reading:
"Continuous present is one thing and beginning again and again is another thing. These are both things. And then there is using everything. This brings us again to composition this the using everything. The using everything brings us to composition and to this composition. A continuous present and using everything and beginning again. In these two books there was elaboration of the complexities of using everything and of a continuous present and of beginning again and again and again."
--Gertrude Stein, from "Composition as Explanation"
"When longing overcomes you, sing about great lovers;
their famous passions still aren't immortal enough.
You found that the deserted, those you almost envied,
could love you so much more than those you loved.
Begin again. Try out your impotent praise again;
think about the hero who lives on: even his fall
was only an excuse for another life, a final birth."
--Rainer Maria Rilke, from "The First Elegy"
Begin again. It makes me consider "revision." A re-seeing and so, a re-beginning in its own right. The hard part is finding the courage to begin again and again, to circle back, to make the ending a beginning also.

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